all end of year artwork sales require a 4-6 week delivery window. delivery window defines departure from our facility in Texas as we are working with a reduced staff in these times. for gift giving purposes we can provide an 8x10 signed, glossy photo of the work. all sales are final.

Any purchases from this site will NOT arrive prior to the Christmas Holiday.

kelly o'neal, an accomplished Dallas interior designer, has turned his aesthetic verve to canvas. Blending modern sensibility with old-world technique, kelly freely moves through centuries to craft a finished piece.

His sense of color is unparalleled and his flair for composition apparent.

kelly's contemporary art is an expression of the moment, captured as the brush hits the canvas, expressed in an array of materials.

kelly earned his B.F.A. in the creative arts from the University of North Texas. raised in rural Texas, he has accumulated his extensive knowledge of the arts from a life lived, through study and application.

Kelly O'Neal Original Artwork © 2020

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