Art Commissions

If you would like to have your own original artwork painted by Kelly, you can send your custom request via email by clicking here. Make sure you include all your contact information. We will contact you either by email or phone and let you know how the commissioned art process works. One option that some of our customers find helpful when defining what their commissioned art should look like, is to look at some of Kelly's previous art creations and select a piece from them to serve as a baseline for your new piece. You could choose your size, colors, etc. 

Kelly requires to get as much information as possible before starting your new painting to make sure that when the painting is finished it has captured what you had envisioned. You can be as much or as little involved while Kelly is working on your piece. He will send you a few progress photos if you want to comment or give any input then, or you can just choose to let the artist do his "thing" and use his own creativity and style, either way is fine by the artist. 

Here are some of Kelly's prior work portfolios for you to browse and see and get inspired as you go through the process of selecting and making your new piece a one of a kind piece of your own.